Auction Rules & How To Bid

Wisden Collectors’ Club Auction

Before you view the current Auction Lots please read the following. The books listed have been put up for auction by Wisden Collectors’ Club members. The majority of the Wisdens have been read and enjoyed and now the owner wants other collectors to enjoy them too. Other websites may offer far superior books in terms of quality but the simple fact is that this auction comprises of genuine Wisdens from genuine collectors and we are grateful to everyone who has put a book forward. This is a proper old-fashioned auction:

Every listing begins at £0.99p! There is no reserve or buy-it-now price.

Some important guidelines on bidding:

1: Only Wisden Collectors’ Club members may bid. If you are not a member and would like to bid, then please go to How To Join

2: It is advised though not a requirement that all members who wish to place a bid create a BIDDING Name. This is the name that will be visible once you have made a bid and for many reasons, it is advised not to use your real name. If you do not create a user name then the User Name (your email address) that you use to Log into the WCC Website will appear: For example if the email address you use to log into the website is then your bidding name, unless you create a new one, will be shown as bill.smith.
PLEASE PLEASE contact me if this is in any way confusing.

3: Once you have the above sorted out, then you are ready to bid.

4: As you can see when you look at the WCC Auction, every item has a countdown clock, this is the countdown to when the auction finishes.

5: You can now bid directly on each Lot by typing in your Bid in the box provided.

6: Once You have placed a bid if you click Auction History below the main photograph you will see a list of those who have bid previously.

7: On every single auction Lot the incremental bids will be £1. If the current price of a Lot is £0.99, and has no other bids, and you bid £10, then you will see in front of your very eyes the price change to £1.99.

8: The price that will show once you have placed your bid will be £1 above the highest price received previously.

9: Please remember that if the current bid shows as being, for example, £10, that is not necessarily the highest bid received, it is the leading bid for that item.

Go to Auction Lots

Shortly after the auction has finished the highest bidder will be sent an email with the final price and postage options.