The Wisdener is the official newsletter of the Wisden Collectors’ Club, each quarterly edition is aimed at informing and hopefully entertaining those of us who collect Wisden. With such an interest in cricket it also looks at other aspects of the game we love. The Wisdener is posted to members, unless a member specifically requests their copy to be sent by email as a PDF and the dates and copy deadlines for the next issue is listed below. Non-members are welcome to contribute.

The Wisdener also looks at other aspects of the game we love.

Each quarterly edition is posted to members and the dates and copy deadlines for the next four are listed below. Non-members are welcome to contribute

It is the aim of the WCC to continue to post each newsletter, whether that be to Australia, Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand or Dudley in the West Midlands. One of the many reasons that we all love Wisden is the actual physical book and the WCC feels that sending newsletters out as email attachments or PDFs is just not the same.

Previous newsletters, a brief look at some of the content. The newsletter has grown to twenty four pages, it is A4 in size and posted, it is not sent as an attachment, an e-letter or in any other new-fangled way.


Issue 13
Wisden Synopsis: 1864-1879
Recent Wisden Publications
Signatures on Wisden
Q & A with David Frith
The Wisdener Panel – Is Cricket too expensive to watch? Are Administrators doing enough to encourage spectators?

The Thirteenth Newsletter

The Thirteenth Newsletter


Issue 12
Q & A with Lancashire captain, Tom Smith
The Wisdener Panel – Sledging, players setting a bad example and a missed opportunity
Kerry Packer – Wisden Obituary, 2006.
Welcome Australia (1972)
Issue 11
Q & A With Sir Time Rice
The Wisdener Panel – SKY TV: The Commentators we love and ‘don’t’ love
Collier Discovers ‘Sheffield’
From Generation to generation.

The Eleventh Newsletter

The Eleventh Newsletter

Issue 10

Q & A with author Jonathan Rice
Building a Cricket library
Collector at Long Hop
All time Kent XI
A Tale from the Auction room
The Wisdener Panel-The Spirit of Cricket

Issue 9

Q & A With Wisden editor, Lawrence Booth
All-Time Yorkshire XI
Wisden of Interest, 1905
The Wisdener Panel-From DRS to Walking

Issue 8

Wisden bespoke Bookcases
A unique Wisden Obituary
The workload of a Fast bowler
The Wisdener Panel-Wisden content

The Eighth Newsletter

The Eighth Newsletter


Issue 7

The Survival of Wisden (part 1)
The Russian story
Wisden of Interest, 1913
The Contrasting fortunes of opening batsmen

Issue 6

W.G.Grace by Lord Harris
Dipping into the archives of Wisden Cricket Monthly
Cricket and Wisden in the colonies
Wisden-The old “what’s it worth” debate

Issue 5

Not Wisden!
When did Wisden recognize the First Test match?
Arthur Haygarth
Snow stopped play

Issue 4

Wisden 1942
My First Wisden
The greatest match I never saw
Extracts on “Bodyline”

The Fourth Newsletter

The Fourth Newsletter

Issue 3

The 1971, why is it so expensive?
“Beyond Wisden”
Wisden Cricketers of the Year: Anomalies and Analysis
Is Wisden in safe hands?

Issue 2

The Wisdener Awards-the winners
Out of the Box
An Interesting 1943 Paperback
Wisden 1982-a difference of opinion

Issue 1

A view on the printing of Wisden
My love affair with Wisden
1978 and that page
View from the deck chair

The First Newsletter

The First Newsletter


Every newsletter also contains Letters, news, snippets from Wisdens and much more