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Product Description

Apologies for putting the incorrect photographs on this 1882 edition for the first few days of the auction.

This is a Splendid condition 1882 Wisden paperback. The 19th edition.

Complete with superb professionally made facsimile covers and spine this is a truly exceptional edition. Internally this is absolutely delightful especially as finding editions from the 1880s is rare enough, let alone finding one in such stunning condition. Usually the internal pages of the older editions have foxing and ageing, this has neither. It is delightful within. The front and rear advertising pages are facsimlies.

It is important to point out that it is common for the rarer editions to come with damaged spines and covers and by having these editions professionally restored the danger of the book being further damaged is significantly reduced

A super 9/10.

Contents include:
The Highest Individual Score Recorded.
The Counties in 1881.
MCC in 1881


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