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1922 – Rebound Paperback


Winning Bid: £80.01

Product Description

This is a Lovely condition 1922 Rebound Wisden paperback. The 59th edition.

The boards on this original Wisden paperback are in Super condition. The year and title to the front and the spine is splendid.   The paperback within retains its original covers and they are bright and clean, with only minor ageing.

Internally the contents of this 1910 edition are excellent

Overall a Super 9/10

Contents Include:
Modern Batting.
Five Cricketers of The Year.
Notes by the Editor.
Deaths in 1921.

George Hirst in the Cricket Field.
WG Grace Memorial.
Test Match Accounts.
Australia in England, 1921.
County Champions: Middlesex.
Australia in South Africa.
M.C.C. in Australia.
Sheffield Shield: New South Wales.

*****Please check your collection prior to bidding. In the last auction two books were sold to people who already had the years. The WCC has paid the sellers and these editions will be re-listed and all proceeds will be split between the two charities. These were genuine mistakes on the part of the buyers, but we do not wish to let down the sellers who have put their trust in our auction process.


Every Wisden in all our auctions has been put forward by a Wisden Collectors’ Club member. They all agree with the idea that every auction starts at £0.99, has no Buy-It-Now or ‘Offer” function and whatever the final price plus the postage is paid to the seller. The WCC pay all postage as a thank you to the members who have put forward their editions.

Throughout 2019 20% of the final price of each and every lot in all WCC Auctions will be donated between two charities: The Alzheimer’s Society and the Kings Arms Project in Bedford. Both these charities are close to my heart and I hope buyers understand why I am doing this. But, I am only able to do it with the full and fabulous agreement of all sellers – thank you to you all.
For the sake of transparency contact names for each charity are available on request and will be put on every winning bidders invoice.

Also, every time a bid is placed on any lot the WCC will also put aside 10p to add to the charity pot. The easy way to see this is just to add up the number of bids you can see – I hope that 10p for each will add up.




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