Last Over, E.W.Swanton with David Rayvern Allen.



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E.W Swanton was a legend among followers of cricket. He was a TV and radio commentator, journalist, administrator and historian of the sport.
This is his “edited” autobiography, culled from his journalism as well as new material. He wrote his first article as “Ernest Swanton” on the batsman Frank Wooley in 1928, and wrote regularly for the “Telegraph” and the “Cricketer” into his 90’s. Over the period of 70 years he was the main commentator on Test cricket for the BBC; on radio and TV; a golf and rugby correspondent; and a tour organizer (he founded the famous “Arabs” touring team). He memorably took on Enoch Powell in the columns of the “Spectator”, he was a key member of the MCC and the author of over 20 books.
Published 1988.

Hardback – with original dust jacket.

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