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The Wisden Collectors’ Manual



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Probably the ideal compliment to any Wisden collection, whether small or large.

  • How many 1864 editions were printed?
  • When and why did Wisden give away complimentary copies?
  • Why is the 1875 edition more expensive than the 1864?
  • What makes the 1971 so costly?
  • Why have rebound editions become such bargains?
  • What to avoid at auctions

The Wisdener Manual is one of the most comprehensive guides yet produced on collecting Wisdens. Containing extensive information on:
*Print Runs from 1864 onwards.
*A comprehensive Price Guide based on; auction prices, dealer catalogues/flyers/promotional literature and eBay prices from 2008 to present day. Thus giving the most accurate indication of the market ever produced.
*Where to Buy
*What to avoid
*Selling your collection
*The history of the almanack
*Anomalies and quirks
*How and where to insure your collection

Also over 150 essays, articles, anecdotes and pieces of information taken from the pages of The Wisdener, the newsletter of the Wisden Collectors’ Club. A treasure trove of information, warmly researched and lovingly put together.

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