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During my 36 years of Wisdening I have acquired many anecdotes and stories from collectors and in June 2013 I decided to write a book containing these wonderful stories and tales of how collectors’ found certain editions.
Indeed What Wisden Means To Me soon developed into a collection of writings on what Wisden meant to all kinds of different people. Along with the hundreds of contributions from ordinary collectors, contributions came from, amongst others: David Frith, Scyld Berry, Jonathan Rice and Andrew Renshaw and the theme has been “what the almanack meant to them” either as a collector, a writer or an observer.

The majority of the anecdotes are about how and where collectors found a particular edition or editions, and there are some fabulous other writings to include alongside these. Such as hiding purchases from the partner for twenty years; buying from a carpet salesman in Kabul; a garage sale in Boston, New England; anecdotes from wives who buy husbands Wisden to keep them quiet and many more.
The book is illustrated and these illustrations by Bob Bond have captured the essence of the book completely. Wisden collector Chris Boothby also contributed a number of wonderful little poems to accompany many of the editions featured.


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