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Product Description

Thank you for looking at this Very Good condition 1921 Paperback Wisden. The 58th edition.

This original paperback is, overall, in very good condition.

The original covers are present. Both are in very good condition. Each has ageing to the spine edge and there are some lightish marks and creasing to both. The spine is solid. It is a little worn and slightly cracked – but in all honesty, for a 99-year-old edition, it is in rather good condition.

Internally this is a lovely 1921.

A strong 7.75/10.

Contents Include:
Portraits in Wisden.
Five Cricketers of The Year.
Notes by the Editor.
Deaths in 1920.

P.F. Warner, by the Editor.
Test Match Averages England v Australia.
County Champions: Middlesex.
Australia in South Africa.
Sheffield Shield: New South Wales.



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