The WCC Promise

What the WCC will do

A one year subscription is £18 and a two-year subscription is £30, and you get a third year free.

  • We will at all times remember that Wisden collectors are a delightful group of people and the wonderful almanack we all enjoy is the thread that brings us together.
  • During the Covid-19 crisis a newsletter – The Virtual Wisdener – has been emailed to WCC members. The VW contains essays, articles, quiz’s, competition, letters etc. This will be continuing into 2021
  • Treat all enquiries respectfully.
  • All WCC members will be informed of any sales on prior to non-members.
  • Give members the opportunity to pre-order the latest Wisden at a substantial discount. The 2021 will be available to members of the Wisden Collectors’ Club for the pre-order rate of £39.00 including delivery by tracked post to within the UK and for £54.00 delivered overseas by standard airmail. The 2021 standard edition is expected to be either £55 or £58 RRP. The Large Format edion will be available to members at £59 including UK delivery and £69 for overseas members.
  • Members will have the opportunity to bid on WCC Auctions. The Wisdens offered for auction are from members, every Lot begins at £0.99p, with no reserve and no But-It-Now price. A genuine old-fashioned auction! Owing to Covid-19 which has had an impact on members sending their Wisdens to put into auction, auctions are currently on hold, but will be resuming in early 2021.
  • If we cannot help with your enquiry we have established and trusted contacts across the cricket memorabilia world who may be able to help you. We will act as the link and your details will only be passed on with your permission.
  • We can offer the most comprehensive price guide and valuation service. We have data on dealer prices, online auction sites, actual auction prices and private sales. When valuing a collection for insurance purposes it is not wise or appropriate to include professional and established websites such as eBay as an indicator of worth or replacement cost.
  • Occasionally we will negotiate an offer for members with a third party. Only highly relevant offers will be publicised to members either through the website; via the newsletter, or direct via email or letter from the WCC and not third parties.
  • We will aim to respond to enquiries quickly, hopefully within 24 hours, but some of our team work full time in their respective careers and this is not always possible.Members can also buy any items in the Latest Offers and Giveaways section, or simply order the free of charge items by adding them to their cart.

What the WCC won’t do

  • We will not pass on any of your details to third parties whether they are offering you discounted cricket tours or cheap wine. We believe our members are quite capable of finding such things all by themselves
  • We will not bombard you with emails – since the WCC was formed in early 2011 approximately six emails per year have been sent to members. These emails have been to mention specific offers to members, the beginning of an auction or the latest giveaways. It is a common trick of websites to send you technical updates such as “our website will be inactive due to ongoing maintenance between 01.10 and 01.45 on Sunday…blah blah blah”  in order to get you to visit or buy items. The WCC feel that this is merely a tool to get you thinking about the website in question, so we will not be doing those type of emails
  • Any advertisements or links on this site will be at the discretion of the WCC, they will not be paid for.

To Join The Wisden Collectors’ Club, please contact us by email or telephone.