Desert Island Wisden

Desert Island Wisden
Which single edition of Wisden would you salvage from your shipwreck?

If a Wisden collector was about to be marooned on a desert island and could take a single edition of the yellow tome as their book of choice, which would it be?
If you were alone and without any communication with the outside world – and only a single almanack (plus the bible and Shakespeare’s complete works, of course) to fill the time between foraging and hunting – which edition would you choose?

*The most valuable one in your collection, to prevent your relatives from selling it during your absence

*Your most treasured edition, a special gift from long ago, maybe?

*The one that recreates a particular season, evoking many poignant memories?

In Desert Island Wisden, collectors from around the world have penned their choices. Enjoy!

With illustrations by Bob Bond and a foreword by the Editor of Wisden, Lawrence Booth we hope you enjoy this rich collection of essays, thoughts and articles on the wonderful almanack.

Desert Island Wisden will be available for despatch from December 4th.

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This will be despatched by December 8 at the latest.