Wisden 1941

The War Years were naturally leaner issues and 1941 was the prime example of this. With no competitive cricket played and a reduced number of copies available to buy, the 1941 edition is arguably the most expensive of any (whether in hardback or paperback/softback) from 1920 onwards.

Understandably wartime restrictions on paper restricted the print run. It is thought that the numbers were reduced from 8000 to 3200 (with only 800 cloth-board or hardback issues). It is believed that the “complementary” editions (please see this section for further details) have never been included in these numbers.

Over the past decade a high proportion of 1941 editions have found their way onto the market. This does pose the question that if so few were printed how come so many have become available. there is a school of thought that has suggested the amount of complimentary copies when added to the ‘accepted’ print run information answers this in part; another suggestion is that of the 4,000 editions were printed and at least 1500 were hardbacks. Finding a Wisden dealer who will remotely contemplate this as being a possibility is impossible; why should a dealer accept that the 1941 hardback for sale is not as rare as first thought?

Contents of the 1941 Include:
Herbert Sutcliffe’s Career.
Verity’s Bowling.
Matches at Lord’s in 1940.
London Counties.
Public Schools Cricket.
Five Cricketers of the Year, 1889-1940.