1864 – 1879 Article

The Wisdener (the newsletter of the Wisden Collectors’ Club) thought it might be of interest to members to put together an outline of Wisden content and information. We are very grateful to John Pratt, who emigrated to Australia as a £10 Pom back in 1963, but who shouts louder than most at the fall of an Aussie wicket, for the following article. This article first appeared in The Wisdener, Issue 13, Winter 2015..…thank you John.

Part 1: 1864-1879

This synopsis is predicated on the assumption that of you bought a Wisden, no matter what year, you must have affection for cricket, and that if you did not buy it; your first Wisden was given to you by somebody who had the foresight and wisdom to understand you have a passion for the game……