Wisden 1950-1964

The 1950 hardback edition also comes in two different cloths, as per the 1946. At different times throughout the 1950s Wisden tinkered with the methods used to put the almanack together. Indeed for some particular years some editions were put together differently. For the most part the page block was not glued to the hardback spine board, this was done purely and simply to save the expense of gluing.

The 100th edition in 1963 saw a change in the style of the Linen Cloth edition with the year and title appearing horizontally in the centre of the spine. From 1964 the style changed a little with the title and year horizontally at the top, the edition in the centre and the publishers name at the foot.

Owing to the sheer number of pages, it is unusual to find a 1963 linen cloth without a curved spine or a hardback without a creased one. The 1963 hardback also had a light blue removable paper band around it, celebrating the 100th edition.