Wisden 1965-1981

The printing of the main contents on the front cover since the first edition had been a feature of the paperback editionmore information and in 1965 the yellow dust wrapper ensured that hardback collectors would see the same. It is generally accepted that some traditional hardback buyers treated the yellow dust wrapper with disdain and discarded it, indeed over 400 dust jackets were torn up and returned to the Editor in disgust. To this day finding an original 1965 hardback with a yellow dust wrapper free of any damage is unusual, making it an expensive edition.

Between 1965 and 1978 Wisden also produced the title headings on each year’s dust wrapper in a different colour. Once again, commercial reasons were the driving force.

Wisden also decided to offer “replacement dust jackets” as a way for collectors to protect their original edition or as an alternative to the original dust wrappers which over time do tend to fade or tear if not looked after properly. Indeed finding Wisdens with original and undamaged dust jackets from 1965 up to 1977 can be expensive, so the idea of an alternative jacket was appealing These were printed in black and white and do have the wording “Replacement Dust Jacket” at the top of the back cover.