Wisden 2014

Much has been spoken about how many Wisdens are published each year and Wisden hold this information close to its yellow chest. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reson for not releasing this information, so this is what we know and we feel, we are fairly accurate in our numbers.

In 2013 Wisdenworld paid to have a bat bookmark placed in every Wisden and when asked how many bookmarks were needed by the printers a figure of 39,000 was given by Wisden. This included wastage so it is quite easy to summise that between 38,000 and 39,000 Wisdens were printed in 2013. The Wisdenworld bookmark was placed in all editions and it is known that Wisden print 2,000 softback editions and as many as 500 Large Format editions. so, on that basis it is reasonable to assume that between 35,500 and 36,500 hardback editions were printed in 2013, the 150th edition. When an enquiry was made on how many bookmarks would be required for the 2014, the same figures were given.