Wisden Valuations

Wisden Valuations

To the collector the value of his or her collection is in the content and the enjoyment it brings, but on a practical level it is sensible to have a professional valuation made of the books

Condition is everything when it comes to working out the value of Wisdens and that is why an independent assessment of the value of your almanacks is prudent. Now some people may charge for this service, the Wisden Collectors’ Club offer it free of charge to all members and will gladly give advice and an indication of value to all enquirers

A valuation of a recent collection (e.g. Post 1946) can be done either by email or over the telephone, by the valuer asking a number of pertinent questions such as spine and dust jacket condition etc. Older editions would require a viewing

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Wisden as an investment

Each year that passes the older Wisdens do naturally become rarer, especially pre 1900 editions and a number from the early twentieth century (1916 and 1919 to name two). With original print runs being as low as 250 for a single edition it is no surprise that the law of supply and demand takes over.

It is also sad and that word is used deliberately that with the uncertainty in stock markets since 2007 the canny investor is looking for something more than what his or her broker is eager to float their way. The number of buyers entering the market to purchase purely as an investment has grown alarmingly

It is also certain that as more and more local libraries are forced to close lots of books, possibly Wisdens included, will find their way onto the market or probably even discarded as an old cricket book that no one ever took out

So any collection that includes the rarer ones will over the course of time, grow in value and if Wisden prices over the past four years are anything to go by, this rise is certainly above the rate of inflation.

Of course, it could all change tomorrow

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Selling your collection

Selling your collection can be a natural consequence of seeking a valuation, in a lot of cases the books have been bequeathed to a relative or the next of kin may want to part with them quickly. This is completely understandable and should be respected

There are a number of avenues open to sellers

Sell to a Specialist Wisden Dealer

Sell at an Auction

Sell online

Hopefully the information that follows will be helpful

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Wisden Price Guide

The ManualCondition is very important when it comes to Wisden. Over the past few years more people have come into the market requesting books in as near mint condition as possible. It is debatable whether these new buyers are cricket lovers or people seeking an alternative investment opportunity

As time progresses the older Wisdens will become scarcer, whether held in private collections or simply made unavailable through collectors passing away and relatives inadvertently discarding them (this still happens) the diminishing number of editions will only drive up the price of those remaining

The most important thing about a Wisden is that it is read and enjoyed by its owner, therefore those seeking pristine copies may well have to be patient and be prepared to pay a healthy premium as (hopefully) most almanacks will have been read and enjoyed, thumbed and opened regularly, making them what they were published to be, a wonderful companion for the cricket enthusiast

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